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Brand Enhancement

Directory updates

Having up-to-date and consistent contact details on the top web directories is an important contributor to Geographic SEO. Old/wrong address and telephone details need to be amended, have you rebranded recently or had a recent change business name change? This is a foundation level exercise and needs to be addressed in the first stages.

Google Remarketing

Getting visitors to your website either organically or via paid advertising cost you in time and resources and not to mention cash. Make the most out of your visits by remarketing to your visitors through the Google Display Ad network and by creating enhanced display ads in Google Search. 

Facebook Remarketing

With over 30 million Facebook users in the UK it makes sense to use their network to remarket to previous visitors to your website. Repeat visitors coming back to a website from a remarketing campaign repeatedly has higher conversion rates.

Competitor Bidding

There are instances when your brand may not be the first one that comes instantly to mind when prospects are searching online. This is where competitor bidding has its advantages. When a competitor is searched for an advert for your law firm will be triggered.

Fee Earner / Sales person Profile Raising

We use a number of techniques to increase the individual profile of fee earners and front of house sales people which in turn raises the profile of your business.

Email automated workflows

Email workflows is a perfect solution to keep in touch with your customers and prospective customers. In its simplest form we create a series of follow up emails for all new enquiries, providing another channel for the brand to keep in touch with prospective clients. We also offer more advanced segmented and targeted campaigns depending on the quality of your database.

Geographic SEO: Sharable content

Geographic SEO is incredibly important to location based businesses. The internet provides us with world-wide information and opportunities, but we still like to buy local, if we can. Search engines know this and will provide local results to search queries. We have a tried and tested approach to increasing our client’s organic search engine results through creating sharable content.

Google+ and Google+ Local

Google+ is Google’s social media platform and Google+ Local helps web users discover and share places, simply put it is a directory of places with additional information such as user reviews and detailed insight into a business before you visit. Both Google+ and Google+ Local contributes to brand awareness and increases visitors through social sharing and search.

Onsite SEO: Foundation

Before time and effort is made to any offsite SEO, it is imperative that the fundamentals of good onsite SEO is followed. Search engines value highly well-built and well maintained websites that follow good and up-to-date practice. The job here is to find errors and clean up the site, updating the search engines and waiting for them to give you higher page rankings.

Onsite SEO: Maintenance

With content managed websites it is easy to add content, create new pages, news stories, images and documents in a manner that is not as SEO friendly as it could be. By monitoring the website on a daily basis and maintaining the website on a weekly basis we are keeping the website in tip top performance and showing the search engines that it is actively been taken care of, which in turn maintains and improves page ranking.

Site Structure

The structure of a website is important both in terms of SEO but also for a great user experience. It should be user friendly, easy to navigate, fast and serve its purpose, presenting the information in the best possible way. Good site structure gets the most out of any SEO and paid visitor campaigns converting higher number of visitors to take action. Landing pages and home pages often go through regular A/B testing to understand how to improve performance.

Brand Awareness Campaign

This campaign is designed to raise the awareness of your brand amongst your target audience. It takes a longer term view, but also contributes to sales and enquiries in the short and medium term, by working alongside service specific campaigns. Techniques include; broader search campaigns, Facebook, YouTube and Google Display advertising campaigns plus competitor bidding.

Google Reviews

Peer reviews provide prospective customers with unbiased information about your firm. Google ranks peer reviews highly and it affects your organic search results. Peer reviews happen with or without your input, so we would always recommend a campaign to promote positive reviews and to manage less favourable reviews.

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